Lush charity pots feature Ibiza Cats!

We are so excited and happy to announce that Lush chose IBIZA CATS to feature on their charity pots on the lead up to Christmas!

We want to thank LUSH for the much needed exposure! This will hopefully highlight the plight of Ibiza street cats... and also the excellent work that is going on!
The picture we chose for the pots means so much to us, it features Martes who sadly died in October after he was killed by hunting dogs. Martes was so lucky, being found as a baby only a few days old, he was adored by his human mum and everyone who met him, the tabby with him, is one of the many young cats that he helped over his 19years!

To loose his life in such a violent way and on the day we received the news of the charity pot, we had to have Martes on our charity pot, to honour him, and also to highlight whilst there are so many cats living a life of misery, there are also so many people on the island of Ibiza that give their time, their life to the cats of Ibiza! Cats have so many things against them, everywhere in the world- humans - other species!

If you can, please order a LUSH charity pot all monies raised are donated to various charities!