"Our vision is that every cat deserves a life without suffering and should be treated with kindness and understanding of it's needs"

Ibiza Cats / Eivissa Cats advocates the humane control of feral cats and runs Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) programmes for stray cats where it has permission to work under a byelaw from the local council.

Ibiza cats / Eivissa Gatos is focussed on NEUTERING and EDUCATION to tackle the route of the problem of feral, stray and unwanted cats on the island of Ibiza - not just the symptoms. We are passionate about animal welfare and we believe that neutering saves lives, every neuter counts.


  • To work in partnership with communities and vets to protect and improve the lives of cats in Ibiza
  • To reduce the population of the cats through TNR programmes to end suffering of stray, feral and unwanted cats
  • To educate local communities on the benefits of neutering and promote responsible cat ownership
  • We value every cat – regardless of age and situation, will be treated with the same care and kindness and it’s individual needs taken into account
  • We value each cat and acknowledge their history and place in the natural landscape
  • We value local communities and working together
  • We value education and learning to protect and improve the lives of cats
  • We value the relationships between people and animals